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Russians Ruined My Life

I'm in the library. listening to my classical playlist. reading my propaganda book.
Some excerpts:
"Rationality is a very narrowly restricted skill. Only a small number of pepople have it. Most people are guided by just emotion and impulse. Those of us who have rationality have to create 'necessary illusions' and emotionally potent 'oversimplifications' to keep the naive simpletons more or less on course."

"Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state."

"They have to be deeply indoctrinated in the values and interests of private power and the state-corporate nexus that represents it. If they can achieve that, then they can be part of the specialized class. The rest of the bewildered herd basically just have to be distracted. Turn their attention to something else."

Shit like this depresses me, and then i'm like ' world domination? YES PLEASE.'

I didn't go to bed untill 5:30 in the morning. I am an insomniac. Instead of being cradled in the soft arms of my loving bed, I'd rather stay online researching the origins of the internet.

Sputnik did it. Damn you, Sputnik.
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