yustin (ex_alphonse951) wrote in lets_be_friends,

its 133 on a school night aint i a reBel!?!
i just had TWO more packs of brown sugar and cinnamon poptars and they roCK.
im probably going to go upstairs very soon but wnated to post on here to say that you all bore me and unless you post entires and comment and go along with how all this shit is supposed to wokr, thenn im jsut gonna stay bored.
DAmn yO
sorry,. im not trying to take the oFFEnsive there btu i realley am bored somethimes.
just, say, onme postt about music would be sooooo intnernetsing.
if i could go out to lunch with anyone whos alive id probly have to say paul, because john and george are dead and pauls probably pretty cool in persdon too

hey, europe ...yea you, you know who i mean when i say europE! you should posyt more cause yours are etnernaitning
imgonna go back upstairs nowwww bbbYeeeeeeeee
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