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hello everyone i dont really know waht to say but i havent posted anything really. i havent let you guys bask in awe at my amazing and sparratic and eceltic and fantastic personality...dont worry im not concieted im just being an asshole. but in truth i am feeling rather random tonight. random in the sense that i have no one to really talk to accept people that dont understand or care about being intellectual or liking art or good music or philosophy or just thinking and looking and knowing what its like to have your head fill up. i need people who are neither optimistic nor pessimistic. i need people who find thing interesting rather then "tight". haha my true ghetto-ness is coming out here. really though. all you guys should add me as your personal friend because i ave about 2 in the livejournal world and im really taking a risk here. i really am sort of cool. maybe. damn i need to get more people to im too. has anyone ever felt like even though they know a lot of people their not really friends with any of them. i feel like that sometimes...only when im looking for a good conversation. A long time ago I used to call someone and I would open the window and look out at the night and listen to death cab and wisper every thought i had into the reciever so my parents wouldnt hear. I wish i could think out loud into the ear of someone who cared again. even if they didnt.
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