dead inside yay (stxr_trxsh) wrote in lets_be_friends,
dead inside yay

female. 18. bisexual.
wiccan. vegan. singer. songerwriter.
poet. actress. dancer.
lead singer of the band 'ascii'.
i'm from arizona.
i have a rad boyfriend and his name is tim.
i'm not new to livejournal,
just take a gander at my layout,
you'll see its just a new journal.
the only math i know is:
I > [insert your name here],
and its just that fucking simple.
nice to meet you, I'm Andi.

aim // ElectricCxnt
msn/email //
yahoo: oh_oh_nurse

my hot milk is the ultimate shake...d.

i'm soooo the hottest chick ever. (don't believe my rambling.)

omgz my camera, isn't it the sex?

pigtails or love handles? who's to know, really? okay then. buh bye.
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