November 24th, 2003

ok right topic

When i was a wee child, i was terrified of many things. Like:

- i had watched a special on the shroud of turin in second grade and became terrified of jesus. I had a dream that night that the little felt flowers on my wallpaper turned into little felt crosses.
- i went to mount vernon and my mom tried to make me go to the tombs where the washingtons were buried. i flipped out. so for the next year or so, i imagined that george washington's dead body was under my bed.
- For about a month, around 6th grade, i was very very worried that i was going to choke to death. it became really hard for me to swallow and it took over and hour for me to finish meals.

ok. now that we all know im completely insane, i wanna hear some of your fears/psychosis/hallucinations. come on. spill.

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well when i was really little. maybe like three i was afraid of flushing the toilet, id always call my mom in to flush for me. i was afraid of getting flushed doooooooown

Then when i was like 10 or something i would always be afraid of ppl being under my bed and grabbing me. after i saw schindlers list i always thought adolf was under my bed so id run to my bed really quickly and hop in.

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yeah so on the fears thing

i used to be scared that albert einstein was in my closet and abraham lincoln was standing in my doorway.
also, was scared of aliens impregnating me.

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i had a reoccuring nightmare that a homeless man with a very intricately carved knife lived under my bed. he periodically stabbed me as well. i also used to imagine that i hand would come up from the side of my bed. i also used to run up the stairs if it was dark, with my neck scrunched up so vampires couldnt bite me....still do.
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