November 25th, 2003


hi guys.
i can be technological, i swear! its not like laura gave me step by step instructions or anything...

keeping with the theme -
in addition to the scary things you all have already people hiding under the bed, in closets, and in basements and old ladies chasing you with knives in outdoor supermarkets...
1. i used to be terrified of that bloody mary thing. where you look in the mirror with the lights off. you know.
2. i cant handle scary movies. after seeing the sixth sense, i slept in my little sisters room. she was like 8 at the time. and i yelled at her cause she went under the blanket and it looked like the barf girl.
3. in general, im neurotic. sometimes i think people are standing behind me and hiding and like a month ago i fuckin flipped out because i thought somebody was in the living room and was going to rape me. yeah um i go through weird stages.

ps i am corey.