December 17th, 2003

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so apparantly, someone made this picture really nasty, or something?! I couldnt see it from my computer but judging from the comments it was pretty nasty.
sorry to have missed it.

but for all those with weak stomachs, the time to rejoice is now- the Sacred Lamb hath cometh. the christ child is here.


who doesnt attend school anymore?
I dont!
I dont!

like, omfg, mtv?! lolz!~!@@!~~!

So here's the break down.

MTV is apparantly doing a True Life on East/West rivalry (of which there is none, but that of course is besides the point). IF, and it is a big if, this is true, they'll be filming for six months or something like that at our school.
Mort Sherman is supposedly sending a letter to us about it over winter break.
Rumor has it that Mr. Sherman is doing this soley because he wants publicity for a book he recently wrote about 'how he bettered cherry hill'.

Now I dont know how much of this is true, if any of it is, but it certainly pisses me off. Not because its mtv, or an invasion of privacy, or any of that jazz. It pisses me off because it is going to be spun into a complete lie. Along the lines of:
-rich kid vs. poor kid
-money doesnt buy happines (aka SUICIDE)
-why cant we all just, get along? :))))) <333333333

East is a normal school. With boring people. We have jocks. We have trash. We have goths. If i wanted more of this crap i'd tune into Saved By the Bell or My So Called Life(QUALITY television programming by the way). I thought True Life was supposed to be about obsessive video gaming and drag racing. Now THAT shit's entertaining.

so. any comments?