July 2nd, 2004


hi kids, i'm new.

lately i feel like i have all of two friends and it makes me sad. and i was bored and just added fifty million new interests to my interests list, mostly from stuff i was looking at around my room.
umm soo
add me if you like. IM me on AIM if you like, my sn is on my userinfo. however i've been using another lately. a little book. (that would be the sn, not me just saying a little book randomly because that'd be kinda creepy.)
umm lots of kids think i'm funny i guess, but (probably because i'm with me all the time) i think i'm normal. i'm into fashion, but i don't really dress like i am, mostly out of laziness.
yup. so. i guess if you talk to me or something you'll know more about me than this pretty boring post tells you.
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